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About the service

High data throughput, affordable, make this service ideal for organisations generating large volumes of internet traffic or who want to provide business users and applications with a internet connection that is open and available to them all the time.

Who's it for?

Any business that wants a faster, consistent and reliable more cost effective way to connect to the internet.

How can it help my business?

Start small, grow big
Starting at 64Kbps, dedicated internet access is ideal for small media and ecommerce businesses where a handful of people can generate as much internet traffic as a manufacturing business with several hundred on the payroll. You can migrate in stages up to 2Mbps as and when more bandwidth is needed.

A complete, ready-to-go solution

Internet access is provided via a Cisco™ router and an on-net circuit linking your local area network to the ntl POP. The service includes a free domain name, SMTP mail delivery, plus router installation and on-site configuration by an ntl engineer.

The best option for internet-intensive applications

You pay a flat rate for the line, no matter how heavily or often you use it. The connection is permanently available for all LAN users to make unlimited use of email and the web, but call charges will only be incurred when the line is actually in use.

Who's using it?

Organisations who require continuous availability for maintaining ecommerce or high throughput and access performance to download large volumes of data from the internet.

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