(150 micron gloss encapsulation)


...Have you ever had a valuable or essential document spoilt, by finger marks, grime, a spilt cup of coffee, or simply through continual handling?


Creased Paper Coffee Spill


... Then why not have it laminated!


- Laminating enhances and protects all types of printed material.

- Ideal for posters, menus, business cards, notices etc.

- The depth and quality of printed material is immediately improved by the process.

- Laminating gives excellent protection to items which are in everyday use such as: menus, technical instruction sheets etc. 

- The savings on re-print costs can be considerable in view of the extended life given to any printed material by laminating.

- At Copyworld we use 150 micron gloss encapsulating film.

- We can laminate any size paper or thin card up to A1.

- Fast and efficient turnaround guaranteed.

- Prevents newspapers from 'yellowing'.


Please note: Allow 10 minutes for lamination machine to warm up.


Whilst every care is taken, Copyworld cannot be held responsible for accidental damage to customer's documents caused by our laminating process.

Some printed material not suitable for laminating such as thermal paper.